The law and you

Make sure that you are Scooter Legal!

When you are 16 you may only ride a 50cc moped on a provisional licence, with a current CBT Certificate.

At 17 or over, provisional motorcycle entitlement allows you to ride up to 125cc, with a current CBT Certificate.

If you are 21, you may train and test on a large motorcycle provided you are always accompanied by a DSA Approved Instructor.

Any rider required to display L–Plates, must not carry a pillion passenger, nor travel on a motorway.

From the 1st February 2001 the following changes to the driving licence regulations are Law:

  • The CBT certificate has a life of two years.
  • Car drivers passing their test after 01.02.2001 need to complete a single CBT before being allowed to ride a moped.
  • Category restrictions on CBT Certificates were introduced.
  • The two year on – One year off provisional motorcycle licence rule ended.
  • All candidates taking a practical motorcycle test are required to take the Motorcycle Theory Test.


All new motorcyclists are required to undertake Compulsory Basic Training, or CBT.

The CBT is the foundation of moped and motorcycle safety training and is a legal requirement in the UK. The CBT aims to improve your motorcycle handling and will also build up your confidence and awareness on the road, once completed you will be awarded a certificate, this will only be awarded once the instructor is happy that you are safe to ride your motorcycle. All CBT courses should allow you to progress at your own pace and will normally take up a full day with a qualified trainer.

Ital Scooters will be happy to recommend a local qualified trainer that will not only be happy to take you through the CBT but can also help you through your motorcycle test so that you can throw away those L-Plates. Please contact Chris below for more details.


CC Motorcycle Training

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